BOBJOSH CREATIVES CONCEPTS started functioning in the year 2016. It’s a company that is based on creativity of  various designs.

Our service experience has generated outstanding business branding, and we have high-level expertise in using multiple applications in producing unique, customized designs that suit various business brands..

Our Services

The following are our current professionals and including the additional printing service;


  • Graphics design, 
  • Animation, 
  • Video Editing, 
  • Video ads printing 
  • Customization of various kinds (customized wears, Mugs, customized wall clocks, Gift items, customized stationeries, and souvenirs) Current resources/technology



Targeted Customers

We are available to any company or organization interested in bringing their brands to the spotlight.

Our Customer service target includes signing printing contracts with companies and organizations like: 

  • Schools: For their sports wears and occasional party gift items. 
  • Hospital: For their clinical items, like patient drug packaging, customizing ward materials, e.g., bed sheet, cups, plate, etc.
  • Churches: Program wears. 
  • Banks: Branding of official items.
  • Restaurant: Printing of their brand on their sales and service items.
  • Hotel: All customizable materials.